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About Tonic

Tonic was formed in January 2012 with the purpose of building a community beyond the games we play. It was built on the foundation of no-nonsense gaming, where life comes first, and members are encouraged to share their lives with others. We believe in respecting and supporting others and due to this, we have created an extremely diverse, helpful team. Our members range from semi-casual to former-hardcore so we maintain a fun, friendly environment that can support even the least competitive of players. We have players in all walks of adult life, from all over the world, with vastly different backgrounds. Throughout the two years Tonic has been around, we've had various meetups across the US and members have been quick to help others in their real life (as well as gaming) needs. Due to our philanthropic nature, we often participate in charity events including Extra Life, our own Limes Against Lymphoma, and other awareness events. Live, laugh, love, Lime!



Picture of Aly/sinthetix

Aly, Lime Overlord @sinthetix
Leads Tonic as a whole with a focus on Guild Wars 2.

Picture of Tim/brynhide

Tim, Lime Vicelord @brynhide
Second in command with a focus on everything else.



Tonic formed in SW:TOR, moved to TERA, and now is headquarted in Guild Wars 2. We've made a lot of friends along the way and we don't want to limit our community to just one game. Within Tonic people play every genre of games possible, including online versions of tabletop RPGs. Popular titles with the guild include Sid Meier's Civilization V, Minecraft, Path of Exile, DOTA2, etc. We are always open to trying new things together.


Guild Wars 2

23 Legendaries

Bifrost x1
Bolt x2
The Dreamer x2
The Flameseeker Prophecies x1
Frenzy x1
Frostfang x1
Howler x1
Incinerator x2
The Juggernaut x2
Kamohali'i Kotaki x1
Kudzu x1
Meteorlogicus x1
Minstrel x1
The Moot x2
The Predator x1
Quip x1
Twilight x2

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