Tonic was formed with the purpose of building a close-knit community that extends its bonds beyond the games we play. It was built on the foundation of enhancing your gaming experience, where life comes first, and members are encouraged to become the best gamers they can be. We have collected extremely diverse, supportive group with a team-oriented, progression mindset. No mandatory time commitments allow us to maintain a stress-free, friendly environment for all players to enjoy themselves. While we are based out of North America, we accept players from all over the globe. We are always looking for committed, social players who enjoy all aspects of multiplayer gaming in a semi-competitive environment.



Meet your Lime Overlords!


Also known as Thix (short for "sinthetix"), Aly is the founder of Tonic. She oversees the community as a whole and also leads both the ESO and GW2 divisions. She loves achievements, kicking enemy behind, and socializing with Limeys! Her experience in MMORPGs started in World of Warcraft where she regularly led raids and participated in PvE skill groups.

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Also known as Brynhide (but everyone just calls him Synaris because of his characters), Tim is second-in-charge of Tonic. Formerly the vice limelord of the Guild Wars 2 branch, he now has the same position but in the Elder Scrolls division. Tim is a loyal Lime and is always trying to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable. He is the second go-to person for our community.

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Also known as Hellica, she's by far our biggest socialite. She was voted in to be our social officer but she's now taken the role of the vice limelord of the Guild Wars 2 branch. She is everyone's favorite devil on your shoulder, encouraging (or recording) bad behavior. A great friend for random gaming adventures, and a renowned Synaris hater, you want her by your side.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Aldmeri Dominion: Wabbajack

Elder Scrolls Online is Tonic's latest endeavor. We fly our Aldmeri Dominion flag high on the North American megaserver. Currently just starting out, we will branch out into competitive PVP and 12-man trials soon.


Lime Overlord


Vice Limelord


Guild Wars 2

Borlis Pass: Silver League

Guild Wars 2 is the game that Tonic truly came alive in. We are active in small-force WvW and occasionally lead larger WvW zergs. All content and achievements are tackled with our members, including PvE, PvP, and WvW.


Lime Overlord


Vice Limelord


Code of Conduct

Tonic is a mature-oriented community for adults where everyone is welcome to become a Lime. However, being in Tonic may not be for everyone as our culture often includes swearing, intoxication, and sex-positive themes. Potential members uncomfortable with any of these concepts are advised not to join our community. While our subject matters are adult, we also expect all members to behave like respectful adults; harassment or discrimination is not tolerated in any form.

While being a member of Tonic, you agree to represent our guild in a positive manner and treat both our members and the community at large with respect, honor, and integrity.

We will not allow offensive language regarding gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, chronic illness, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Any conversations regarding sensual/sexual topics must remain consent-positive and respect personal boundaries set by each individual member of the community. Bullying, threats of assault, and unwanted sexual advances are considered major violations to this code and offenders will be removed immediately.

Behavior such as game exploiting, griefing, spawn camping, stealing/ninjaing loot, unwarranted kicking from parties, spamming chat, and harassing members outside of our community is deemed detrimental to Tonic's reputation and is a violation of both our mission and code of conduct.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact Thix or any officer of our community. If a person is asked to stop any offending behavior, they are expected to comply and discontinue immediately. A person found repeatedly or purposefully violating our policies will be permanently banned from the community.


Recruitment in Tonic is always open for members who agree with our code of conduct and align well with our mission. Gaining membership is started by contacting Thix using the button below. She will chat with you via the medium of your choosing (in game, email, or TeamSpeak) to make sure the fit is right for all parties. If it is, an offer of membership is extended and you instantly become a member of the Lime family!